About Us

Field Day

The Northwest Tennessee Beekeepers Association (NWTBA) is made up of members from counties surrounding Weakly County.  Men and women, young and senior, beginning hobbyist and experienced beekeepers.  Most members are hobbyist beekeepers.  Many of us began with relatively zero to little experience or knowledge. Some of us have no hive but love honey.

Meetings are held the third Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM, at the UT Martin Ag Complex in Martin, TN. located at 111 Moody Street, (location and time subject to change for field trips) giving the members and visitors a chance to learn from each other’s experiences while staying connected to the broader beekeeping community at large.  This connection allows our members to stay current on the modern beekeeping techniques, laws, and solutions that are changing from year to year, from the many experts who are willing to come and share their knowledge. We are able to visit bee yards and help in local school Ag days.  A few members raise queen bees and sell honey, while others are willing to rob hives for YOU.